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September 2020 Archives

If a Texas collision injury results in disfigurement

You may have been commuting to or from work or driving to your favorite pub to meet some friends for supper when the accident occurred. Perhaps, you were just going grocery shopping when another vehicle slammed into yours. The results of such incidents are often devastating, long lasting or even permanent. Perhaps, you're one of many recovering accident victims in Texas who have had trouble sleeping or have suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following the crash that left you seriously injured. 

Austin crane collision underscores the importance of safety compliance

Safety regulations are not an impediment to doing business. They exist to protect the individuals who are being asked to do the actual, difficult work. This is particularly relevant in the construction industry, where one small slip-up can mean the difference between life and death.

Crane Collision In Austin Leaves 20+ Injured

More than 20 workers at a construction site in Austin, Texas, were injured when two towering cranes collided. The collision occurred on Wednesday morning, September 16. Far below the cranes, the workers scattered for safety, which also contributed to some of the injuries, according to authorities. Eight ambulances quickly arrived on the scene. At least 16 of the injured workers were transported to 3 different hospitals. Some workers refused transport.

Texas collision places you at risk for a skull fracture

If you have ever had a bad headache, you understand how debilitating such a condition can be. Perhaps, you're one of many Texas residents who have had to call off work because your head hurt so badly you were unable to drive or carry out your duties in the workplace. Sadly, some people suffer from migraines or other chronic health conditions that produce a lot of head discomfort. If you are involved in a Texas motor vehicle collision, you're at great risk for a skull fracture, which can cause one of the worst types of head pain. 

Injuries from unavoidably unsafe products in the workplace

Some individuals have job duties that require them to use dangerous equipment. While manufacturers usually take steps to ensure that these products are as safe as possible, there are some products that can't be made fully safe. These are known as unavoidably unsafe products.

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