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Rollovers involving semitrucks are serious

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

There are many hazards that occur when semitrucks are sharing the roadways with other vehicles. Unfortunately, when a wreck occurs that involves a big rig and a passenger vehicle, the occupants of the smaller vehicle usually have to deal with considerable injuries.

While many people focus on accidents in which the semitruck crashes into a car, they don’t really think about the horror that can occur if the truck rolls over onto the vehicle. It’s possible that the vehicle and occupants will be crushed.

Because of the severity of rollovers, all truckers must ensure that they’re driving safely. There are certain activities that can increase the risk of being involving in a rollover, so they should do their best to avoid these circumstances.

More than three-fourths of rollovers are caused by trucker error. Being fatigued or inattentive to the driving duties causes about 20% of rollovers. Driving too fast for conditions is another risk factor for these wrecks.

Another risk factor is poor vehicle equipment, particularly the braking system. In approximately 54% of rollover accidents, a brake defect is present. This, along with other equipment on the tractor and trailer must be checked before each haul.

Certain trailer types are more susceptible to rolling over. Tankers that are only carrying a partial load can slosh and surge, which can lead to a rollover. Around 90% of tanker rollovers have only a partial load at the time of the incident.

People who are injured when a tanker rolls over onto their vehicle can suffer serious injuries. Determining the cause of the rollover may help them decide who should be named as a defendant in a claim for compensation.