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Factors in a speed-related accident

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Uncategorized |

In a society that never seems to slow down, a lot of drivers feel like there is no other option but to get from point A to point B as fast as possible. As a safe driver, you understand that it is more important to stick to the posted speed limit. Unfortunately, it does not matter how carefully or safely you drive — avoiding a speeding driver is probably impossible. This can be scary when you realize just how serious a speed-related accident can be.

Thousands of people die in speeding accidents every year. In fact, speeding drivers killed more than 9,000 people in 2018 alone. This is because car accidents that happen at higher speeds are inherently more dangerous than accidents at lower speeds.

Who is speeding?

In general, younger drivers are more likely to speed than older drivers. Men are also more likely to speed than women. Men caused more speed-related fatalities than women, too. Of course, this does not mean that young drivers are the only ones who are pushing past the speed limit. Any driver of any age or gender can drive too fast and cause a speed-related accident.

Speed enforcement efforts can help prevent people from speeding. Police use different methods for getting people to slow down, like using radar guns and laser devices to get an accurate reading of a driver’s speed. However, police cannot be everywhere, which means that there are still plenty of speeding drivers on the road.

Higher speed limits are a problem

Texas sets its own maximum speed limits for different road types and land use, like interstates and rural areas. It is also responsible for setting speed limits for school and construction zones. The highest speed limit you will find in Texas is 85 mph — higher than any other state.

Officials usually set speed limits based on how fast 85% of vehicles freely travel in an area under certain conditions. Advocates of this method say that it brings the law in line with the reality of people’s driving habits, reducing the need for speed enforcement and lowering crash risks. Many different studies have shown that this is not true. In fact, when states raise speed limits, the drivers who were already speeding simply drive faster than the new limit.

Speed related accidents are severe

Speed is an important factor in the number of accidents and injury severity. One of the reasons is because the faster you go, the longer it takes your vehicle to stop after applying the brakes. Speeding also makes it more likely for a driver making an evasive steering maneuver to lose control of the vehicle. Vehicle structures, seat belts and airbags are also far less effective during high speed accidents.

Maybe you never expected to be involved in a speed related accident, and now that you are here, you are not sure what to do next. This can be hard when you are facing mounting medical debts while you are also out of work. To get help for things like your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who caused your accident. Be sure to speak with an experienced attorney who can help you explore your options.