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You can fight back following an injury truck accident

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Uncategorized |

You wait at a red light, eager to step on the gas and finish your commute to work. However, all of a sudden, a semi-truck runs in the back of your car. Now, you have damage to your car and painful injuries.

Unfortunately, sometimes, truck drivers cause injury accidents in Texas due to their negligence behind the wheel. The good news? It is within your rights to seek justice through the civil court system. Here is a look at how to navigate a motor vehicle accident caused by a careless truck driver.

What makes truck accidents stand out from other types of motor vehicle accidents?

A semi-truck is far heavier than a passenger vehicle is, and in many cases, these types of trucks carry flammable or hazardous materials. For this reason, truck accidents have a tendency to cause more damage and injury than passenger vehicle accidents do.  Fortunately, the driver of a truck is held to a higher legal standard than his or her passenger vehicle counterpart is, so if a careless commercial truck driver harms you, you might be entitled to damages for your accident injuries.

What factors commonly cause crashes between trucks and other motor vehicles?

As a general rule of thumb, truck collisions may stem from a truck driver’s limitations related to visibility, braking and acceleration. For instance, commercial trucks usually have bigger blind spots than cars do, so truck drivers cannot respond to particular hazards as easily.

Your rights following an injury-causing truck accident

If a truck driver has hurt you due to failing to exercise a reasonable degree of care, you may file a personal injury claim against the truck driver and even his or her employer, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. If you can establish liability in your case, a judge will adjudicate your claim for financial damages.

In the end, you may receive damages to cover the income you lost by having to miss work after the truck accident. In addition, you may receive compensation for losing your ability to work as a result of the crash. Compensation might also help you to cover any medical bills associated with the truck collision. Damages may furthermore help you to address any pain and suffering or emotional distress that the crash has caused you.