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Tips to help drivers avoid jackknifing

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Accidents that are caused because an 18-wheeler has jackknifed often cause serious injuries or even deaths. Some are surprised to know that jackknifing isn’t inevitable even in dangerous conditions. Texas drivers can use the following safe driving tips in order to prevent jackknife situations.

In many cases where jackknifing caused accidents, it was found that the trailers were empty. When a trailer is full, it weighs more heavily on the road, creating more friction, which means that the wheels will get better traction. Empty trailers do not provide this same traction and are more likely to jackknife. Truck drivers need to constantly check their mirrors to watch out for trailer swing. They should do this at all times, but especially when a trailer is empty.

If the driver of a truck notices that the trailer starts to swing, they could increase their speed, which may help the wheels regain traction so that the trailer falls back in line. If sudden acceleration causes the jackknifing, easing up on the gas pedal may help the wheels to regain traction.

Another thing that can cause a truck to jackknife is if the driver slams on the brakes. It is best to maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles on the road. Instead of braking hard to turn at curves, it is better to slow down on long stretches of road before a curve. If an emergency situation arises, the driver of the truck may be able to control the vehicle by braking slightly, letting it go, swerving out of the way and then putting the brake on again.

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries. The victim of a truck accident may want to talk to a lawyer. An attorney could use evidence to show that the truck driver was at fault and help a victim receive compensation for his or her injuries.