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Dealing with work-related depression

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2019 | Workplace Accidents |

It is widely recognized that a wide range of injuries and conditions might force you to take time away from your job in San Antonio; depression, however, may not be one of them. Many may not view depression as being a debilitating condition, and instead believe it to be something that you need to work your way through. Yet many have come to us here at the Gamez Law Firm not only wondering if they are justified to take work leave to deal with their depression, but also if the costs associated with treating their depression can be covered by workers’ compensation benefits.

Most might agree that work can indeed be a source of stress, yet proving that it is the cause of your depression might be challenging. Even still, the online professional safety journal EHS Today reports that depression-related issues cost employers as much as $51 billion annually. That certainly seems to imply that this condition is something workers’ compensation should cover.

The issue of linking your depression to your career may actually be quite easy if it arises as a result of a work-related injury. On-the-job injuries that force you to take time away from work can certainly be depressing, as you (like many) may draw much of your sense of purpose from your career. Being forced to take time away can certainly lead to depression (whose effects could then impact your performance once you do return). When additional time is needed to deal with these emotional issues, workers’ compensation benefits may help to cover your treatment costs.

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