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10-year-old boy falls 20 feet in theme park zip line accident

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Premises Liability |

Zip line accidents are not uncommon in Texas and other states. On Sept. 1, an incident at a theme park in Lakeland, Florida, resulted in a 10-year-old boy suffering serious injuries. The boy was riding on a zip line along a set track, but when the track ended, the boy went flying and then fell 20 feet to the concrete ground underneath.

A video caught the fall and shows the boy sitting upright and holding on with his arms above his head. An investigation by the Florida Department of Agriculture found that the boy had to hold on with his arms because the harness was not properly secured around him. The leg straps had not been buckled, yet the zip line equipment was not defective. The theme park has no history of defective equipment, so the Agriculture Department blames the incident on operator error.

The boy, whose injuries have not been specified, is still recovering but is able to go to school. The boy’s family has filed a lawsuit against the theme park in the Polk County courts. Representatives of the park have said that the employees involved in the incident have been fired and that the rest of the staff members have been retrained on all attractions.

One example of property owner negligence is the failure to give adequate training to staff members. If negligence of the owner of the theme park can be proven, and if that negligence can be linked to the accident, then the boy’s family may have a solid case under premises liability law. Those who believe that they have a case under this field of law may want to discuss the matter with an attorney. An attorney might argue the case against the property owner’s own legal team.