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Forklift operator fatally injured in workplace accident

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2019 | Workplace Accidents |

When people are tasked with performing physical jobs at their work in Texas, they often receive extensive training to help them better understand the requirements of their job and how to perform them safely. Adjusting to the use of required safety gear and protocols may take time, but can do a great deal in keeping people safe and allowing them to perform their job with efficiency. 

In a recent accident in New Jersey, a forklift operator was involved in a serious accident at work that left him dead. The incident began when the man was operating a forklift inside the warehouse where he worked. Nearby was a ramp with a significant drop. The man drove the machine too close to the ramp and it teetered on the top. As a result, the man fell out and onto the ground and the machine fell on top of him. 

Lifesaving efforts were made immediately, but the man sustained fatal trauma to his head and was pronounced dead. Following the incident, local authorities are continuing to investigate the accident to find out more details. It is currently unknown what the company has said of the incident as phone calls to them have not been returned. 

If people have sustained serious injuries at their work, they may be eligible for compensation depending on the nature of the incident. In these types of situations, an attorney may play an invaluable role in helping collect and organize evidence to be used in telling the victim’s story. 

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