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Texas hit-and-run attempt thwarted by good Samaritan

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

Authorities summoned to the scene of an accident between a new sports car and an 18-wheeler in Waco, Texas, last week cited the driver of the truck for an improper turn. Reportedly, however, had it not been for the efforts of a “good Samaritan” in a Jeep or similar vehicle, law enforcement may not have been able to issue the citation for a moving violation because the truck driver allegedly left the scene of the accident at first. 

Details of the collision are somewhat vague. The driver of the sports car describes the episode thus: “all of a sudden, a truck ran over the top” of the vehicle when it was in the left-hand lane. A photograph of the sports car taken after the accident shows extensive damage to the front and side bumpers on the passenger side.

The truck reportedly left the scene following the accident, but a man who appeared to be in his early 20s, driving a vehicle that may have been a Jeep, apparently witnessed the accident, pulled up next to the disabled sports car and asked the driver if he wanted the young man to go after the truck. The driver of the sports car agreed, and the young man followed in the direction the 18-wheeler had traveled. What happened between the young man and the truck driver is unclear, but the truck driver returned to the scene of the accident shortly thereafter and received the citation. 

The sports car driver called his wife after the accident to explain what happened, and the couple has sent out pleas on social media for help locating the young man who went after the truck so that they can thank him properly. 

Those who are not fortunate enough to encounter a good Samaritan after a collision with a commercial truck may find it helpful to contact an attorney.