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Accident photos may prove helpful following injury-causing crash

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Another motorist has struck your car, and now, you are in pain. The accident has also left you emotionally traumatized. You quickly learn that the accident was the result of the other motorist’s carelessness, but how exactly can you provide proof of this in Texas?

Taking pictures following your accident can be immensely helpful for documenting what took place during the crash. Let’s take a glimpse at why capturing photos is a wise move following a crash, and how you can go about it.

Why car crash photos are valuable

After your car accident debris has been cleared away, it may be difficult for you to remember exactly what occurred during your crash. In fact, as time passes after the accident, the events that took place at the time of the crash may become even murkier in your memory. This is why accident photos are so important: they provide details about your crash, including the injuries you suffered and the damage that your car sustained. As a result, they may prove extremely helpful for proving fault in the collision.

What to photograph after the accident

All objects damaged in the collision are generally good to photograph. These items may include, for example, a damaged tree, street sign or guardrail. Likewise, it may behoove you to snap photos of your damaged motor vehicle. Ideally, your car pictures should feature clear shots of the scratches or broken windows that your car sustained, along with any damage done to the interior of the car.

Accident photography tips

For starters, you may want to capture a general crash scene shot from different angles. You could also take pictures of the traffic lights or signs in the particular area where your accident occurred. Furthermore, capturing the weather conditions at the time of the crash — for instance, snow or rain — may be helpful, as they might have contributed to your collision.

Your rights following the injury-causing accident

If the person driving the other car caused your accident due to negligent behavior, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit. The photos you capture at the crash scene might help you to prove your version of the accident-related events that occurred and thus succeed in your claim. A successfully litigated clam may lead to a monetary award that might help with addressing your medical expenses and other losses tied to the wreck.