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Texas pickup driver rescued with help from bystanders

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

The driver of a pickup truck that had crashed into a tractor-trailer in Kaufman County, Texas is alive today in part because of the rescue efforts of a sheriff’s deputy with the assistance of bystanders who witnessed the accident.

The driver of the pickup became trapped, his leg lodged beneath the crumpled dashboard of the burning vehicle, after he rear-ended the tractor-trailer. Body cam footage reveals that, as the deputy ran to the scene, over a dozen people were already there, with some attempting to pull the driver to safety. 

As the deputy dislodged the frightened and bloodied man’s leg out from under the dashboard, smoke filled the cab of the vehicle through the shattered windshield, causing the deputy to duck his head out for some fresh air. Flames erupted from the hood of the car as the deputy succeeded in his attempts to free the driver’s leg, and bystanders assisted in pulling the driver from the pickup. Authorities released footage of the rescue recorded by the deputy’s body cam to the public.

According to Facebook posts by the driver’s family, he has received burn treatment and has undergone surgery following airlift transportation to a Dallas hospital. The condition of the other driver and the extent of damage, if any, to the tractor-trailer are unknown. It is also unknown what caused the accident and whether any legal action is pending. 

When large trucks and smaller vehicles fail to share the road successfully, the drivers of smaller vehicles are often at a disadvantage. Those injured in an accident involving a large truck may find it helpful to speak with an attorney.