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November 2018 Archives

Unsafe driving behaviors common to many crashes

Everyone just wants to get where they are going, and for the most part, everyone does a decent job of making that happen. In many areas of Texas, including San Antonio to some degree, driving is an essential mode of transportation. Even though many of the state's cities have areas where walking and bicycling are popular and viable ways to get around, driving still reigns supreme.

What are some common lesser-known kitchen accidents?

A commercial kitchen is a dangerous place by nature. If you work in a kitchen in Texas, then you probably know all about the risks of getting burned and slipping and falling. However, there are also many hidden risks that you may not even think about. The Food Network points out three situations that you may not even think about when you consider kitchen hazards.

Safe driving in construction zones is a must

No one likes driving through a construction zone. You have to slow down, move through diversions and could end up being detoured as well. Between the men and women working on the road and the abrupt changes in lane (and possibly direction), the speed limits in these zones also drop.

As a parent and pedestrian, safety is important

As a parent and occasional pedestrian, you understand the importance of safety. You likely also know that, despite best efforts, serious accidents that lead to injuries can still occur. Still, you want to do your part to keep yourself and your kids as safe as possible, especially while on foot.

Understanding survival actions

The common assumption that most in San Antonio likely hold is that any legal action commenced after one of the parties involved has died must be a wrongful death lawsuit, and thus is limited to only those circumstances which contributed to one's death. Yet what if your loved one had a cause of action to pursue, yet what never able to before they died? Many come to us here at the Gamez Law Firm thinking that their options for seeking legal recourse in such a situation expired with the plaintiff. If you share the same assumption, you will be pleased to know that is not the case. 

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