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How can I cope with the loss of a loved one?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

Losing someone you love is devastating. However, losing a loved one to another person’s negligence or careless behavior can be even more fraught with emotion and as a result it can be difficult for many people to recover from the experience. The American Psychological Association can help you navigate the many different stages of grief thanks to the following advice.

Practice self-care often

You may neglect yourself during your time of grief. However, it’s vital you keep up on your mental and physical well-being. Try to maintain a healthy diet and get a sufficient amount of exercise, was this can help alleviate stress. It’s also important you care for yourself mentally by doing things you love, such as hobbies or other interests. It’s good to get your mind off your grief every now and then.

Don’t deny your feelings

Of course, despite you best efforts chances are you will feel sad much of the time. You shouldn’t deny these feelings or any others you experience. If feel angry, guilty, confused, or any other emotion, it’s best to accept it. The only way to get through the grieving process is to accept your emotions and let them run their course.

Seek out support from others

Other people can serve as a beacon of hope when you’re grieving. If the person you lost had many mutual acquaintances in common with you seek these people out for support. Chances are they’ll be going through the same and will be happy to share fond remembrances of the person you both held so dear. If you lack a strong social network, consider joining a grief support group. There you will find likeminded individuals who can share tactics for coping with loss.