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Safety tips for home swimming pools

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2018 | Premises Liability |

While home pools are definitely fun, they also post a safety risk. This is especially true for people with young kids in the home, who often entertain guests of the same age who may not be the greatest swimmers. Ensuring safety is preserved is crucial in this case, and the American Red Cross can help you do just that.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Secure

Your pool should be outfitted with certain security features to keep unwanted visitors out. A fence must surround your pool and should be at least four-feet high (which will deter neighborhood children from sneaking in after hours). This fence should also be gated, and the gate should feature a lock. You can also make it more difficult to access the pool itself by removing ladders and placing a cover over the water.

Insist on Adult Supervision

When kids are using your pool be sure to have adult supervision at all times. Even if your kids are strong swimmers, an adult must be present to help out during an emergency situation. If there are any kids using the pool that are unable to swim, be sure that they have access to life jackets and other flotation gear.

Know Emergency Procedures

In the event a situation does occur, it’s crucial that you know the proper emergency procedures to lend assistance until paramedics arrive. This includes things like CPR and first aid training, which can come in handy in the event of any accidental slips-and-falls. First aid training courses can be found virtually everywhere, so look around your specific area to find an appropriate course for you and your family.