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Ins and outs of brain injuries caused by car wrecks

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Your trip to work is the highest item on your priority list as you start your day. However, as you make your way down the highway, another motorist unexpectedly strikes your car and injures you. Suddenly, your motor vehicle collision steals the spotlight from the other activities you had planned for the day.

A particularly common and unfortunately devastating accident injury you may suffer in a car wreck is a traumatic brain injury. Here is a glimpse at these serious injuries and your rights if another motorist’s negligence has caused you to suffer them in Texas.

What is a brain injury?

Brain injuries stem from an impact to your brain that inhibits normal function. For example, a jolt or blow to your head can cause a brain injury. In addition, if an object penetrates your skull, this can cause serious head injuries.

Here are several signs you might have suffered an injury to your brain:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Slurred speech
  • Legs or arms that are weak
  • Excessive drowsiness
  • Numbness
  • Severe headache
  • Vision loss or dizziness
  • Confusion or the loss of consciousness

If you experience any of these symptoms following your motor vehicle wreck, it may be a good idea to seek medical treatment immediately.

Diagnosing and treating brain injuries

Doctors use a variety of methods for determining whether brain injuries have occurred. For instance, your doctor might use the Glasgow Coma Scale Test, which helps with determining how well you follow basic directions. The results of this test can tell a doctor if you have suffered injuries to your brain and how severe the damage might be.

Doctors can also use imaging tests such as MRI and CT scans to look at your possible brain injury. In addition, doctors may question individuals who were at the car accident scene when your brain injury took place to determine whether they noticed concerning symptoms. Your treatments may range from surgery to anti-seizure drugs, physical therapy and even speech therapy depending on how severe your injuries are.

Your rights as an injury accident victim

If somebody else’s negligence caused you to suffer brain injuries, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against this person, seeking monetary compensation. A financial award in a successfully fought case may help you to cover your ongoing medical expenses and other losses stemming from the car wreck.