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April 2018 Archives

Could the new ELD regulations make trucks safer on the roads?

Sharing the road with 18-wheelers makes many Texas drivers nervous, and you may count yourself as one of those people. Their size and weight makes them intimidating, and many passenger-vehicle drivers do what they can to avoid being around them. Those healthy fears are often justified since accidents involving these mammoth vehicles tend to result in serious or deadly injuries to other drivers.

Curbing fatigue and truck accidents

Like most Texas residents, you regularly see tractor trailers and other large vehicles hauling goods on a variety of roads across the state. Whether delivering produce to a grocery store, consumer electronics to other stores or gasoline to fuel stations, these big rigs are a necessary part of our world. They are also a potential source for serious injuries or death if they are involved in accidents. 

What teenagers need to know about speeding could save lives

You may be among the multitude of parents here in Texas who both fear and await your teenager being able to drive. On the one hand, it remains a rite of passage of sorts. On the other hand, when your teen starts to drive, it puts him or her in danger and makes your child a potential danger.

Dallas freeway collision claims the life of truck driver

When collisions between semi-trucks and other vehicles occur in San Antonio, it may easy for many to automatically assign blame to the truck drivers involved. After all, theirs are the biggest vehicles involved, and typically, they are the ones most likely to walk away from such accidents unharmed (again, due to the size of their trucks). Yet what many do not fully appreciate is the amount of training these drivers go through in order to avoid accidents. Often such training causes them to be more aware of what is going on around them than other drivers. The notion that they are rarely injured in accidents may also be untrue. 

Am I covered if my Uber driver crashes?

Laws are often slow to catch up with new technology, and the recent ridesharing craze is no exception. Uber and Lyft have battled with competition laws, employment laws and insurance laws. Fortunately for you, the insurance laws related to ridesharing seem to benefit riders.

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