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Who faces the consequences in an uber accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Car Accidents |

One of today’s most notable advancements is that of Uber and Lyft services. With the click of just one button, passengers can safely arrive to their destinations, free from the hassle of busy subways and long and potentially dangerous walks home. With this luxury, however, comes the usual risks of travelling on the road. Many Texans have been in the unfortunate situation of an Uber accident, but are unsure of where to turn after such a incident occurs.

As for standard procedures after an accident, one ideal place to turn is the company itself. In the case of an Uber accident, company policies urge passengers to first ensure that all parties are safe; from there, a call to police or paramedics may be necessary. Lastly, the policy urges riders to contact Uber to explain the details of the incident. According to Uber’s website, a member of the team should reach out to all who were involved to confirm their safety and to discuss the necessary steps to move forward. Riders who experience an accident may receive an insurance form to fill out and return to Uber.

Money, a division of TIME Magazine, also considers the tricky process of Uber accidents. The taxi technology company contains a $1 million liability policy in the case that an Uber driver is at fault. In such an unfortunate situation, Money shares that riders would not sue Uber directly, but instead the individual driver at fault; copies of the lawsuit documents would also go directly to the driver. Uber drivers typically cannot afford to pay medical bills, which is one reason why the company works under such policies. Of course, accidents are often complex, and different laws apply to accidents that, for instance, are another driver’s fault.