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February 2018 Archives

The consequences of repetitive stress

Accidents in the workplace occur in many different ways, from those which are caused by a co-worker's negligent behavior to traffic accidents involving a company vehicle. However, some people ignore the signs and dangers of repetitive stress, which can upend a worker's life in all sorts of ways. If you are suffering from a repetitive strain injury, you might be trying to deal with physical pain that makes daily life challenging or be unable to perform your job responsibilities altogether. Depending on the details surrounding your injury and the struggles you are facing, various options might be on the table, such as workers' compensation benefits.

A trucker with sleep apnea could be a danger on the road

One study estimates that somewhere around 28 percent of the truckers you share the road with suffer from some level of sleep apnea. This life-threatening and serious condition causes sufferers to stop breathing during their sleep for a minimum of 10 seconds. Some people experience this hundreds of times each night.

What do you mean parking lots are dangerous places?

How many times have you been to the grocery store, your local mall or some other establishment with a public parking lot? You've probably been to numerous parking lots too many times to count and probably didn't think there was any danger. After all, what could happen? You might end up in a minor fender bender, but that's it. Right?

Who faces the consequences in an uber accident?

One of today's most notable advancements is that of Uber and Lyft services. With the click of just one button, passengers can safely arrive to their destinations, free from the hassle of busy subways and long and potentially dangerous walks home. With this luxury, however, comes the usual risks of travelling on the road. Many Texans have been in the unfortunate situation of an Uber accident, but are unsure of where to turn after such a incident occurs.

The common dangers of sharing the road with 18-wheelers

Let's face it, many Texas motorists find it at least a little uncomfortable to share the roadways with 18-wheelers. Where most passenger vehicles weigh in at around 4,000 pounds, big rigs come in somewhere around 80,000 pounds. That's a lot of weight and size coming up behind you, beside you or toward you as you drive.

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