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Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio

It is important when you hire an attorney to know if they can handle your case. Have they always been a trial lawyer or did they used to practice another type of law? From the day he was born, Joe A. Gamez knew that he would fight in court for people who were wrongly accused. His law firm has always been structured around criminal law and is almost 95 percent devoted to this. He has tried hundreds of cases and helped thousands of people just like you.
When arrested, it is important that you choose a law firm that is experienced and ready to defend you in whatever situation you are faced with. Joe A. Gamez and his team of highly dedicated attorneys have represented other attorneys, doctors, nurses, teachers, businessmen and bar owners who have been faced with a crime. It is important that you hire an attorney that is in the courtroom fighting for his clients every day. Every morning, our team of lawyers is in felony district court and in county court fighting for our clients. We have built a solid reputation doing this for over 40 years. We are a devoted, highly trained criminal defense law firm.
Criminal Defense
When Joe A. Gamez walks into the courtroom, he is bringing his unique experience as former county attorney and state representative to your case. He has seen both sides of the law as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney. When faced with a crime, you have rights, and you need to understand them. Our telephones are answered 24 hours a day to post bail bonds for clients and to ensure quicker release. We want to make sure that you are informed of court dates and report to us to make sure there is communication between attorney and clients at all times. Not only are we going to represent you in court, but also we will let you know that you are not alone. Please call our office at any hour to set up a consultation. Our lawyers are ready to fight for you, and it is something that our firm has continued to do for over 40 years.
As skilled trial attorneys in the state of Texas, we want to give you the options that are available to you to make sure that charges are dismissed, a fair plea is reached, probation granted, et cetera, so that you do not end up in jail or prison. We do not give empty promises in our law firm. We have affordable payment plans to assist you financially in paying any attorney fees, and we offer flat-rate fees and flexible payment plans that will allow you to hire our dedicated legal team of attorneys ready to fight.
Joe A. Gamez, a former county attorney with over 40 years of trial experience, stands alone in Bexar County. Mr. Gamez is a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has seen thousands of cases all over the state of Texas. We are ready at any time to meet you and your family. Mr. Gamez has continued to fight for working-class people who are innocent until proven guilty. Our experienced and aggressive criminal defense law firm takes this seriously. We have helped major drug trafficking, sexual assault repeat offender and murder clients get affordable and effective legal representation. Mr. Gamez has handled fatality DWI cases where defendants facing 20 years or more in prison were granted probation. He has handled sexual assault cases that were faced with long prison sentences that were instead granted probation. Our law firm has been around for a long time, and there is not a case we cannot handle.
We handle all criminal defense cases, including white collar charges; fraud; embezzlement; extortion; violent crime changes, such as kidnapping, manslaughter and aggravated assault; and sexual offense charges, such as sexual assault, statutory rape and solicitation of prostitution. We handle all motion to revoke probation (MTR) and all DWI offenses, from boating while intoxicated to driving while intoxicated felony offenses. When faced with DWI, give our offices a call to handle your criminal case and your Texas Department Administrative License Hearing (ALR). These types of cases are time-sensitive, so it is important you call our law firm immediately.
Let us non-disclose/expunge your record. We understand bad things happen and sometimes we can seal or expunge your record. Give us a call for a free consultation.

White Collar Criminal Charges

  • Sex online crimes
  • Theft by check
  • Tax evasion/failure to file
  • Securities fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Money laundering
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Obtaining property or services by fraud
  • Hindering secured creditors/sale of mortgaged property

Violent Offense Charges

  • Sexual assault
  • Prostitution
  • Aggravated assault
  • Robbery
  • Murder
  • Family violence assault
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Kidnapping
  • Violent rape
  • Multiple murders
  • Intoxicated manslaughter

Computer/Internet Cases

  • Online solicitation
  • Unauthorized access to computer
  • Possession or transfer of illegal images

Firearms/Gun Charges

  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Carrying or using a firearm during drug trafficking
  • Sales of firearms by an unlicensed dealer
  • Possession of firearm by drug user or addict
  • Illegal possession of body armor
  • Possession of weapon in a prohibited place
  • Possession of explosives

Drug Offense Charges

  • Drug possession with intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing a controlled substance
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Money laundering
  • Drug trafficking
  • Obtaining prescriptions by fraud or forgery
  • Internet pharmacy
  • Career criminal enterprises
  • Drug distributions
  • HGH and steroid importation

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